Press Release – Compass Care Brings The Science of Home Health Care to Fairfield County





Jan. 20, 2015 15:15 UTC

Compass Care Brings The Science of Home Health Care to Fairfield County

STAMFORD, Conn.­­(BUSINESS WIRE)­­ Renowned geriatricians are playing key roles in Compass Care, a
new concierge care management and private duty homecare company. This Stamford­based company was
started four months ago by Dr. Mark Lachs, Co­Chief of Geriatrics at New York Presbyterian Hospital
and Professor of Medicine at Weill Cornell Medical College, along with Stephen Limpe, a Greenwich
resident who is President and Chief Executive Officer, and David Goodman, Senior Vice President and
Chief Financial Officer.

“Compass Care was formed to address the need for high quality geriatric care management,” said
Limpe. “Our primary service area is Fairfield County, and we also provide service to clients in the
New York City area including Westchester,” he added.

Working with the company’s geriatric team, Dr. Lachs has established the services of Compass Care
based on the latest evidence­based scientific research on home health care. “Our approach is to
enable clients to live and stay in their own homes for as long as possible,” said Dr. Lachs. Dr.
Lachs also places emphasis on the vital importance of the home health care team and believes
strongly that Compass Care’s expertise enables the company to provide safe and expert care in the
clients’ homes.

Another important member of Compass Care management is Dr. Karl Pillemer, professor of Gerontology
at Cornell and Weill Cornell Medical School. An accomplished author and researcher, Dr. Pillemer
has developed innovative training methods to improve the skills and professionalism of direct care
workers. “Choosing our trainees is a highly selective process, and we are emphasizing 24/7 nursing
supervision and close contact and communication with our clients and their families,” said

Other significant aspects of Compass Care’s services include:

Industry­leading standards feature proprietary training for all caregivers in excess of the legal
requirements of both Certified Nursing Assistants and Home Health Aides.
An innovative family portal that provides loved ones with real­time­status updates of a family
member’s situation.
Services can be selected on an a­la­carte basis allowing flexibility as well as on a flat fixed­fee
basis that gives clients more predictable expenditures.

“The response to our offerings has been extremely positive, and we are pleased with the comments
about our scientific approach,” said Limpe.
For further information, please contact Compass Care Senior Vice President David Goodman at


(January 20, 2015) Press Release  – Compass Care Brings The Science of Home Health Care to Fairfield County

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