March 30, 2017

How do I start a conversation with a loved one about their end-of-life wishes?

Compass Care’s 7 Choices™

Life is all about the choices we make.  Although life is unpredictable and many things are ultimately out of our control, Compass Care’s 7 Choices™ document is a ‘living will’ that will allow you to clearly articulate your personal choices regarding your medical and personal needs and desires in the event you are/become seriously ill.

7 Choices™ is designed to prompt serious thought about important decisions that should be very personal, but very often, are made by others in a vacuum.  It allows you to choose the person you wish to make medical and financial decisions for you, and it allows you to state how you would like to be treated when, and if, confronted with certain health situations.

7 Choices™ is also intended to spark a conversation regarding a topic often avoided in our culture: end of life wishes. If you are an older adult, it will allow your health care team; your family and your friends to clearly understand how you would like to be treated in the event of serious illness.  This will allow all of them to be there for you, as you would like to have them, when you need it most. The difficulty of their decisions regarding your care will be mitigated because they will know your wishes and choices.


Download a copy here:

Compass Care’s 7 Choices VER1.3 (5-23-2016)


What you will find inside:

1. The Individual I Want to Make Medical Decisions on My Behalf
2. The Individual I Want to Make Financial Decisions on My Behalf
3. What Quality of Life Means to Me
4. Medical interventions
5. What I Want to Convey To My Family And Friends
6. The Types of Comfort Measure I Want
7. How Others Interact With Me