Who is Bev?

Smart Status & Care Assessments

Bev is our Virtual Care Planner for older adults and their families.  Bev is a highly sophisticated status/well-being assessment tool we have developed with a partner to enable families, healthcare professionals and other clinicians to critically and swiftly evaluate an older adult’s functional status and overall well-being.

Our virtual care assessment was developed with renowned and highly experienced, practicing geriatricians and gerontologists and covers all key areas affecting the quality of life and independence for older adults: clinical, emotional, environmental, financial, and legal.  A completed Bev assessment provides immediate insight as to the current functional status of the older adult and recommends specific, evidence-based interventions that are geared towards improving the quality of life, safety, and independence of the older adult such that they can continue to live at home (Age-in-Place).

As we get older, our physical and emotional needs change. Often, families and friends can sense that support is required for their elderly loved ones – but it’s difficult to know exactly what is needed and where to start.

Bev makes it possible for anyone to conduct a professional level Geriatric Care Manager-type assessment.  Bev affords older adults and their families a simple, yet valuable tool to understand the current functional status of an older adult as well as actions that may be required to maintain independence and improve safety and quality of life for an elderly relative, friend or patient.

Bev empowers older adults and their families to exercise choice and control over the types of support given to elderly individuals, and to see and measure the impact that support is having on an on-going basis.

How Does Bev Work?

3 Easy Steps

Step 1 - Complete Evaluation

Complete the assessment by answering a series of questions relating to well-being, activity, and quality of life. Typically, this is done by a family member, relative or friend on behalf of the person being assessed but it can also be done by the older adult themselves.

Step 2 - Automated Report

Review the final care assessment report which includes Quality of Life scores – broken down into six categories, ranging from Physical Well-being to Activity & Purpose – as well as personalized suggestions for improving quality of life.

Step 3 - Track and Share

Adopt recommended evidenced-based interventions for improving scores and track changes over time. Share the results and changes with selected family members, clinicians, and caregivers.

How Can Bev Help?

By providing a sophisticated, professional level, clinician developed reference tool for ongoing assessment and improvement

Deep, relevant insights: Bev’s assessments and recommendations are based on years of geriatric clinical and academic research and extensive data collection, allowing assessments and recommended Care Plans to be completely personalized to the individual’s current status, relevant conditions and situation.

Recommended actions: Bev will make recommendations for actions to improve well-being, which can be combined to build a personalized action plan which we call a Care Plan.

Risk identification: Bev will identify potential areas of risk faced by the assessed older adult based on their well-being scores. Bev will also provide evidenced-based interventions in the form of an Action Plan designed to help the older adult improve their well-being scores.

On-going assessments: Bev allows an older adult’s well-being to be re-assessed and compared over time, allowing you to trend and demonstrably measure the impact of both positive interventions/actions as well as keep tabs on potentially deteriorating conditions.