August 29, 2017

Meet Our Caregivers

Among the many attributes and assets that differentiate Compass Care are our high quality, professional caregivers; who we refer to as 'Compass Care Assistants. We invite you to see just how exceptional and extraordinary they truly are.

Angeline S.

Thandeka N.

Sheldon T.

Silvia N.

Nomi M.

Dwayne B.

Sheila G.

Sarah M.

Azanda M.

Monica S.

Diane S.

Paula M.

Sandra A.

Marjorie S.

Evette B.

Manny A.

Petunia V.

Elena M.

Mariam D.

Maria Y.

Joyce M.

Jackie E.

Hermi R.

Evorine R.

Marvalyn H.

Cynthia R.

Beverley G.

Soraya A.

Ayanda M.

Rose A.

Merry A.